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Organisation Design Services by Acumen

Welcome to Acumen, your trusted organisational design consultant and go-to partner in organisational design and business transformation. As a leading name among strategy consulting firms, Acumen excels in providing comprehensive solutions for organisations seeking to optimise their structure, enhance employee competency mapping, and drive success through strategic innovation.

Our Approach: Transforming Businesses through Organisational Design

In the ever-evolving business landscape of today, Acumen recognises the imperative for organisations to adapt, evolve, and optimise their internal structures continually and remain competitive and attain enduring growth. Our proficiency in organisational design positions us as the ideal partner to address your distinctive needs and industry-specific demands. With a team of seasoned consultants boasting extensive experience, we possess the expertise to tailor our services meticulously to your organisation's exacting specifications.

Unlocking Potential with Employee Competency Mapping

One of the critical aspects of optimising your organisation's performance is employee competency mapping.To effectively align your human resources with your strategic objectives, it is imperative to identify and harness the skills, talents, and potential within your workforce. Acumen is equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise to provide a well-defined pathway for identifying and nurturing the competencies that underpin your organisation's success.

Our employee competency mapping process involves a thorough analysis of your workforce, identifying skills gaps and areas of potential improvement. Through the utilisation of this data, we can craft tailored training programmes, establish career development trajectories, and cultivate high-performing teams. This proactive approach not only elevates employee morale but also ensures that your organisation possesses the right talent to drive innovation and achieve sustainable growth.
Why Choose Acumen Among Strategy Consulting Firms?

In a landscape filled with strategy consulting firms, Acumen stands out as a partner dedicated to delivering tangible results and sustainable change. Our organisational design services are designed to address the specific needs and challenges your business faces, making us the preferred choice for companies aiming to transform their operations.

Our strengths lie in our commitment to:


We believe in tailored solutions, understanding that no two organisations are the same. We invest time in understanding your unique challenges and opportunities before crafting a strategy that suits your specific goals.

Measurable Outcomes:

At Acumen, we believe in data-driven results. Our approach includes setting clear KPIs and metrics to track progress, ensuring that you can see the impact of our organisational design services.


We work closely with your team throughout the engagement, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. This ensures that our solutions are not just implemented but integrated into your organisation's culture and operations.

Global Perspective:

We bring a global perspective to our work, enabling us to draw from best practices and innovative solutions from around the world. This ensures that your organisation remains competitive on a global scale.

In summary, when it comes to enhancing employee competency mapping and redefining your organisation’s structure, Acumen is the go-to choice among strategy consulting firms. Our commitment to delivering results, combined with our customised approach, sets us apart as a trusted organisational design consultant. Feel free to get in touch with us today and explore the ways we can help revolutionise your business, guiding you towards enduring success.

Our dedication to achieving tangible outcomes, coupled with our tailored strategies, distinguishes us as a respected and in-demand expert in organisational design. Reach out to us now to uncover how we can drive transformative change within your organisation, propelling you towards long-term success.


    What is an organisational design consultant?

    An organisational design consultant helps businesses optimise their structures, processes, and workflows to improve efficiency and achieve strategic goals.

    What does an organisational designer do?

    An organisational designer assesses an organisation’s current structure and processes, recommends improvements, and helps implement changes to enhance performance.

    What are the key components of competency mapping?

    Competency mapping involves identifying key skills, behaviours, and knowledge required for specific job roles, performance standards, and developing competency-based training programmes.

    Why is organisational design important?

    Organisational design is the process of shaping an organisation’s structure. Types include functional, divisional, matrix, network, and hybrid designs, each suited for specific situations.

    What are the key components of competency mapping?

    Competency mapping involves identifying key skills, behaviours, and knowledge required for specific job roles, performance standards, and developing competency-based training programmes.