At Acumen, the services we offer are designed by taking a lot of factors into consideration, suitable to the specific needs of each and every client we serve, across industries, niches, segments etc. Our services, owing to our decades-long experience with tried and tested methods, unquestionably give the best and the most consistent outcome with the utmost time-bound predictability.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to identify and nurture talent, foster growth and enhance process efficiency across all the facets of business. Thus, be it inception or start-up business consulting services, HR, operations or management consulting firm services, large-scale establishment or small business consulting, they all lie well within our purview, along a consistent track.


Acumen Consulting

Be it shaping businesses to be ‘investment worthy’…

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Different stages of the business, call for different…

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Sales provides a window to the Customer’s world…

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Training and Development

It is people who drive Strategy, Processes…

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Human Resources

Good, bad, brilliant or vibrant, an organization’s culture…

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Customer Experience

The Acumen Customer Experience Strategy views…

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    What does a business consultant do?

    A business consultant provides expert advice, solutions, and strategies to help businesses address challenges, improve performance, and achieve their goals.

    What is the benefit of training and development?

    The benefits of training and development include improved employee performance, increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, and better employee retention.

    What are the 7 functions of HR management?

    The seven functions of HR management include recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, employee relations, HR technology, and compliance.

    What are the different types of sales training?

    Different types of sales training include product knowledge, objection handling, negotiation, closing techniques, sales process training, and customer relationship building.

    What is the difference between sales coaching and sales training?

    Sales coaching is a one-on-one process that focuses on individual skill development, while sales training is a broader, structured programme for a group of sales professionals.