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Alpa Teli

Deputy General Manager - Corporate HR
It was a refreshing change of pace, to see the Acumen team submit an approach for our high profile training program that was fully customized to our requirements. They heard our requirements and accommodated those in their proposal. They understood what I wanted to be delivered in the best and most effective way. We’ve been running it for 4 years now and most things in Godrej HR have changed except that program.

Anil Kulkarni

Business Director
Acumen played an integral part in the development of our sales teams and has helped us structure training programs from the frontline team to the managers. Our relationship goes beyond just training programs, they partnered with us for strategy development facilitation as well which lies at the core of our growth story.

Kaushik Dasgupta

Global Account Manager - APAC , MEA, Africa and India
I am extremely happy that Team Acumen has delivered a world class training program to the Jet Airways India Sales Team. The facilitators took time to understand this dynamic industry and worked with the team to offer a customized solution to their individual requirements

Devika Pasricha

Our experience with Acumen has been wonderful. The team was professional at all times. The survey was designed appropriately to achieve the expected outcome and the team took prompt actions whenever we had any issues or queries.