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At Acumen, we recognise that an effective business strategy isn't merely a theoretical blueprint; it represents a dynamic catalyst propelling your organisation onward and thus have gained the position of a reliable business growth consultant. Our expertise lies in assisting businesses in not only formulating their strategy but also infusing vitality into every facet of their operations. As a prominent player among strategy consulting firms, Acumen serves as your primary source for sales strategy consulting. Our distinct methodology draws upon more than 200 combined years of experience, empowering us to collaborate with firms across a broad spectrum of industries and at varying stages of their corporate journey, spanning from small and mid-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 powerhouses.

What Sets Us Apart?

As a vouched-for business strategy consultant, our differentiation lies in our time-tested tools and methodologies. We assist our clients in crafting a strategy that resonates with their business, industry, and the very essence of their purpose. Besides, apart from our core business consulting excellence, sales strategy consulting is another area where our service is so sought after. While business goals may evolve with each cycle, the underlying strategy remains the compass that aligns your organisation with its core mission. In a world where leadership teams often chase short-term objectives and frequently change their business approach due to environmental fluctuations, our role is to provide a unifying thread.

Today's leaders often work in silos, lacking a central thread that connects and aligns their strategies. This fragmented approach can lead to businesses struggling to grow and, eventually, facing disarrayed decision-making. Such failures are frequently attributed to external circumstances when, in fact, the missing or neglected link is often internal – the core strategy that remains undefined or muted, like great wall art that never takes off.

How Can We Help You Do Better?

Acumen empowers businesses in enhancing their strategy through the following key interventions:

1. Business Diagnostics

Our Strategy Development Process commences with an in-depth evaluation of your existing business approach. We delve into the following areas:

Analysis of Levers in the Value Chain: We explore how your business adds value at various stages of its operations.

  • Industry Research: We conduct thorough research to understand the competitive landscape and emerging trends.

– Strength and Strategy Mapping: We identify your core strengths and align them with your strategic objectives.

– Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics: We utilise advanced analytics to foresee potential challenges and recommend proactive solutions.

Strategy Development

In this crucial phase, the Acumen team collaborates with your leadership to craft a robust and actionable business strategy. Our approach includes:

– Defining the Competitive Advantage: We help you identify what sets your business apart from the competition.

– Creating a Blueprint: We develop a comprehensive strategy blueprint that outlines the path to success.

– Operational Plan Linkage: We ensure that your operational plan is tightly integrated with your strategic goals.

– Actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): We establish KPIs that drive your business toward its strategic objectives.

3. Strategy Review

Our strategy review services are designed for businesses that require expert insight to identify gaps in their existing strategy and execution. We offer the following support:

– Gauging and Filling up the Gaps: We assess your strategy’s performance and provide solutions to bridge any identified gaps.

– Designing and Defining Key Metrics: We work with you to establish key performance metrics that measure success.

– On-going Team Reviews: We offer continuous support to ensure your team remains aligned with the strategy.

– Aligning the Teams: We help harmonise various teams within your organisation to ensure unified execution of your strategy.

Our mission at Acumen is to assist your business in not only formulating its strategy but also bringing it to fruition, ensuring its alignment throughout your organisation. With expertise in sales strategy consulting, we stand ready to guide you through the intricate terrain of the business world, enabling you to realise your maximum potential.


    What do strategy consulting firms do?

    Strategy consulting firms provide expert advice on strategic planning, market analysis, competitive positioning, and other areas to help businesses achieve their goals.

    What is strategy consulting, and how can it benefit my business?

    Strategy consulting involves developing and implementing strategies to enhance business performance, increase market share, and drive growth.

    When should a business consider hiring a Strategy Consulting firm?

    Businesses should consider hiring a Strategy Consulting firm when they seek external expertise for strategic planning, market analysis, competitive positioning, or when they encounter complex challenges that require a fresh perspective.

    Why hire a strategy consultant?

    Strategy consultants bring specialised knowledge, analytical skills, and experience in devising effective business strategies. They offer an outside perspective, expertise in various industries, and help businesses adapt to changing market conditions.

    How acumen business strategy consultant benefit my company?

    An Acumen business strategy consultant can benefit your company by providing insights, data-driven strategies, and expertise to improve your competitive position and growth prospects.