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Business processes are the backbone of every organisation, shaping how work is accomplished, irrespective of its size or industry. Surprisingly, approximately 72% of all organisational issues are hidden within broken business processes. At Acumen, our seasoned business process consultants understand the critical role of efficient processes in achieving your strategic goals and operational excellence. We are not just your business growth consultant; we are your trusted partners in business process management consulting as well, a one-point consulting solution boosting your overall business development.

Our Process Consulting Practice is committed to helping businesses not only define their strategies but also ensure that these strategies seamlessly align across various business functions. We recognise that organisational silos often create gaps, resulting in untapped opportunities for improvement. Our team at Acumen is here to bridge those gaps, streamline processes, and drive positive change throughout your organisation.

What We Do

At Acumen's Process Consulting Practice, our business process consultants focus on:

Bringing Control to the Business:

We help you regain control over your operations by optimising and standardising your processes.

Stopping Ambiguity and Finger-Pointing:

Our approach clarifies roles and responsibilities, reducing ambiguity and workplace conflicts.

Reducing Errors and eliminating precarities:

By identifying and rectifying process inefficiencies, we help you anticipate mistakes and eliminate them beforehand. Our holistic way of looking, coupled with our meticulous method of completely studying your performance track record and zeroing in on commonplace fallacies are what we swear by.

Improving Teamwork and Communication:

Streamlined processes foster improved collaboration and communication among teams.

Our Process Consulting Services
  1. Process Documentation / Repository

We start by documenting your existing processes and creating a simplified process map. This reduces ambiguity, minimises responsibility duplication, and enhances the predictability of outcomes. Our documented process maps are then securely stored in a cloud-based central repository for easy access by your teams.

Our Process:

– Immerse

– Document Process Maps

– Publish

– Handover

  1. Process Improvement

If you are facing specific challenges or issues in your business processes that need a fresh perspective, Acumen’s Process Improvement service, led by our experienced business growth consultants, is tailored to your needs. We employ a combination of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies customised to the complexity of the issues at hand.

Our Process:

– Defining the Problem

– Analysing the Data

– Perspective Brainstorming

– Solution Case

– Roll Out

  1. Process Audits

For organisations with mapped processes, our Process Audit service, guided by our seasoned business process consultants, is invaluable. We analyse discrepancies in process execution, pinpoint root causes, and provide solutions to fill operational gaps and drive process improvements.

Our Process Audits Include:

– Discrepancy Analysis

– Root Cause Identification

– Solution Recommendations

By leveraging our expertise in process consulting, you can optimise your business operations, enhance efficiency, and ultimately boost your bottom line. Acumen's no-nonsense, jargon-free approach makes it easy for your teams to embrace change and improved working practices. We are your trusted business growth consultant, specialising in business process management consulting.

At Acumen, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex world of business processes, driving organisational efficiency, and delivering real results. Contact us today to learn how our Process Consulting Practice, led by expert business process consultants, can empower your business and lead you on the path to success. Let's unlock the potential within your processes together.


    What is Process Consulting?

    Process consulting involves analysing and optimising business processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance.

    What does a process consultant do?

    A process consultant identifies inefficiencies, recommends process improvements, and helps implement changes to enhance productivity and reduce waste.

    What do growth strategy consultants do?

    Growth strategy consultants help businesses identify opportunities for expansion, enter new markets, and develop strategies for sustainable growth.

    What is a process consulting firm?

    A process consulting firm specialises in offering services related to process optimisation, helping businesses streamline operations and improve efficiency.

    Why is process consulting important?

    Process consulting is crucial for identifying inefficiencies, streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving overall productivity within an organisation. It optimises workflows and ensures that resources are used efficiently.