People Development is at the core of every Acumen engagement. It is people who drive Strategy, Processes and achieve Results for organizations. If channelized and developed in the right way, the consequent energies and competence have the power to not only grow the business but also change the course of the industry.

The major components that make Acumen Training Programs stand out are:

  • Innovative Engagement Methodologies

    People have short attention spans. Therefore, the challenge of making our interventions relevant and efficient is what we relish. We have experimented with Music, Dance, Drama, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and even Movie Making. The outcomes are unique and carry a lasting impact.

  • Diverse Expertise

    Our facilitators are management consultants to various business houses, not just behavioural trainers. This experience and exposure makes them the most practical and sought after facilitators for any engagement.

  • Close-knitted Customized Content

    While on the surface, the programs look simplified, but as you go deep into the way the engagements are structured, it will open up multiple dimensions of psychology, emotive and cognitive sciences closely-knitted with the actual work scenarios of the participants creating a high-impact learning platform.

How can we help you do better

The following is a glimpse of the type of training programs that are delivered by Acumen to help organizations in their people development initiatives:

  • Behavioural/ Competency Based Training Programs

    Communication Skills | Planning & Organizing | Collaboration | Time Management | Interpersonal Skills | Managing Conflict | Achievement Orientation | Managing Change | Managing Stress | Personal Effectiveness

  • Functional Training Programs

    Negotiate to Win | Train The Trainer | Presentation Skills | Execution Excellence | Problem Solving | Decision Making

  • Instructional Design

    Designing Content with the appropriate Instruction Design approach. Using the right training tools for effective, standardized and comfortable roll out through different Facilitators. Creating content which is relevant to the training dissemination platform, the training need and the current stage of the industry and business.

  • Managerial Training Programs

    Emerging Leaders | Manager as a Catalyst | Managing Teams | Manager in VUCA World

  • Specialized Training Programs

    Business Analytics | HR Analytics | Values Cascading | Customer Centricity | Emotional Intelligence |
    Mentoring | Campus to Corporate | Ready to Retire | Annual Sales Planning | Team Alignment