The increasing aggressive business landscape, rising difficulties and complexities, the ever changing environment and the digital revolution are reshaping the competence required in the teams. Meanwhile, a diverse generation workforce, and a shorter lifetime for know-how have suddenly raised the value of reskilling and upskilling. A vibrant and hands-on workforce is more important than ever with research suggesting that a major percentage of market capitalization in companies is based on intangible assets. And developing and driving these intangible assets which is skilled employees, exceptional leaders, and knowledge, in a planned manner is an important factor for organization’s success.

Content Development for an organization can be carried out for any and all types of programs that need to be delivered in a standardized basis with a higher frequency.

Acumen has developed content for various organization initiatives for

Deployment of Competencies | Values Cascade | Managerial development | Leadership development | Sales Management | Customer Experience | Strategic Roll-outs | Process Roll-outs | and many more

Acumen has developed Content for different engagement platforms:

  • Content Development for Instructor Led Training – Classroom

  • Content Development for eLearning

  • Content Development for Instructor Led Training – Virtual / Online

  • Content/ Script Development for Video based Learning

Acumen follows the 4MAT Model for Instructional Design with a blend of Emotive, Cognitive and Business orientation to make content that clicks with the Target Audience at the word Go! The Consultative approach while gauging the need brings a flavour of the right business environment that gets created through appropriate simulations, case studies and concepts that not only are easily relatable but also leave an impact on the participants.

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Organizations in Training Content Development through the following stages:

  • Gauge the Current State

    Understanding the Participants and their role, the organization’s structure and work environment, mapping the training needs to actual scenarios in work-life.

  • Instructional Design

    Designing Content with the appropriate Instruction Design approach. Using the right training tools for effective, standardized and comfortable roll out through different Facilitators. Creating content which is relevant to the training dissemination platform, the training need and the current stage of the industry and business.

  • Train The Trainer

    Taking the organization’s team of Trainers through a run-through of the content and the guide them through each module to give them the context, the approach, the alternatives and the expected end result. Once the Trainers are trained on the Content, a hand-holding exercise through reviews and feedback is carried in parallel when they start the Content Roll-out to help them ease out challenges that come up during Training delivery