41% of the HR leaders say they struggle to develop critical talent segments

70% of the employees say they haven’t even mastered the skills they need for their jobs today

– Source: 2019 Gartner CEO 20 Pulse on the Next-Generation Workforce

While organizations have ‘shaping leaders’ as one of the most critical priorities today, almost 50% and more are struggling to get a headway in the right direction.

Succession Planning for Senior Management team, Potential Talent Pool, Leadership Pipeline are cornerstones of Talent Management initiatives in organizations and getting them right is fundamental to the organization’s future.

Acumen approaches Talent Management from a business perspective and creates interventions which do not just look inwards but also outwards into the competitive landscape and the future possibilities of the marketplace. Acumen uses statistically developed tools for developing competency frameworks and for assessing competencies of different teams and functions in organizations. Acumen has an established network of seasoned assessors who have assessed and led not only people but also businesses.

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses in their Talent Management through the following Initiatives:

  • Competency Mapping

    • Enabling the organization to build a competency framework that is aligned to business strategy, purpose and values
    • Mapping the competency levels to the different functions and levels in the organization
    • Aligning the HR processes to the competency framework
  • Competency Development

    • Enabling the organization to cascade the competencies down the line and make it part of the organization’s DNA through structured Communication and Training interventions.
  • Assessment/ Development Centers

    • Creating assessment tools – Case studies, Group discussions, Role-plays, Competency based interviews, Simulations, Inbox-Outbox
    • Challenges, Mapping relevant Psychometric Tools
    • A panel of seasoned Assessors with a diverse industry experience
    • Multiple panel approach to minimize assessor bias, ensure objectivity and uniformity of assessment
    • Statistical Data analysis to arrive at individual reports along with structured development plans
    • Individual feedback and Competency Development roadmap discussions