Acumen’s Strategy Consulting Practice helps businesses in not only defining their Strategy, but also to get that wall art resonate across different business levers.

What sets us apart is our experience of more than 200 man-years in working with businesses in diverse industries, at different stages of their life cycle, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.

We bring comprehensive time tested tools to help you create a Strategy that resonates with the business, the industry and the Beingness of its purpose.

While the business goals keeps changing with every cycle, the underlying strategy and ethos works as a compass, aligning it to the native purpose for which the business exists. Leadership teams of today, are more focused on short term goals and keep altering their business approach with the smallest of fluctuations in the environment. These leaders work in silos in their organizations with no central thread that binds them together and aligns their approach to each other. Eventually, such businesses start struggling in the face of growth and start stumbling and falling apart with their disarrayed decisions. More often than not, the reason for the fall is attributed to external circumstances whereas the missing link, or to be put crudely, the ignored link, was very much internal. Yes, the undefined or muzzled Core Strategy, which was designed as a great wall art but never took off.

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses in their Strategy through the following Interventions:

  • Business Diagnostics

    Every Strategy Development Process starts with assessing the current approach to Business and the different aspects that are at the core.

    Analysis of levers in the Value Chain | Industry research | Strength and Strategy Mapping | Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

  • Strategy Development

    The Strategy Building stage, wherein the Acumen team takes the leadership team through a structured brainstorming to define the business Strategy.

    Defining the Competitive advantage | Creating a blue print | Operational Plan Linkage | Actionable KPIs

  • Strategy Review

    Applicable for Businesses where an expert view is needed towards identifying the gaps in the Developed Strategy and its Execution, and solutions to bridge the gap and make it robust.

    Gauging and Filling up the gaps | Designing and Defining key Metrics | On-going Team Reviews | Aligning the Teams