Founders dive into their ventures with novel ideas and an unbound optimism that customers and Venture Capitalists would fall in love with it at the first instance.

But, Alas! Nearly 80-90% of startups in India fail within the first 5 years of their inception. And that too, despite the fact that several of them had some path breaking ideas, some were receiving big investments and touted as high-potential startups, some were backed by the who’s who of the corporate world, yet they failed and were forced to shut down.

Making a startup successful is much more than just making the product and marketing it. The leadership team running the show, needs to be aware of these factors and take a thought through approach to work on each of these factors to make the business model survive the tide.

Acumen Business Startup Consulting Practice helps the founding teams to shape their ideas into robust and sustainable businesses by laying down the steps and handholding the teams through the journey. Efficient planning, risk consideration and management are key benefits of a business startup consulting firm. Acumen Startup Consultants leverage their decades of experience and expertise to create insightful and practical solutions for these Startups. This edge helps these businesses in getting to the next phase quicker and avoid mistakes and wasted time which can otherwise make a dent in the cashflows later.

Acumen Business Startup Consulting Practice extricates the enigma right at the beginning, which can be the most challenging for a new company. The team guides the leadership teams through the startup process enabling them to focus on their long-term business vision and goals.

How can we help you do better

Startups rely on the Acumen team to help them in the following areas:

  • Strategy and Planning

    Analysis | Statistics | Strategy
    Long term and Short term plans to achieve Business goals

  • Legal Business Formation

    Sole Proprietor, LLP, Pvt. Ltd. Company, Public Limited
    Advice on the best suited Legal structure required for the business.

  • Partner/Vendor Selection

    Priority Vendors and Outsource Partners Selection Mechanism
    Establish critical components of the business