The Situational Leadership® Model is a timeless, repeatable framework for leaders to match their behaviors with the performance needs of the individual or group that they are attempting to influence.

Situational Leadership® is based on the relationship between leaders and followers and provides a framework to analyze each situation based on the Performance Readiness® Level that a follower exhibits in performing a specific task, function or objective. Then, based on the leader’s diagnosis, the necessary amounts of relationship behavior and task behavior are applied and communicated to the follower in order to support their needs and advance development.

The Benefits of Situational Leadership®

  • Creates a common language of performance

  • Accounts for multi-directional influence

  • Utilizes task specificity as a measure of performance versus typecasting employees

  • Allows leaders to effectively drive behavior change

  • Accelerates the pace and quality of employee development

  • Teaches leaders to accurately interpret and effectively respond to their environment

Four Core Competencies

Situational Leaders learn to demonstrate four core, common and critical leadership competencies:

  • Diagnose an individual’s Performance Readiness® to complete a specific task

  • Adapt leader behavior based on the diagnosis

  • Communicate an influence approach in a manner that followers can both understand and accept

  • Advance by managing the movement toward higher performance

How can we help you do better

The Center of Leadership Studies is a venture that is at the forefront of leadership training and organisational development. As official partners of CLS, Acumen can equip its clients with CLS’ Situational Leadership program, which is practised by a majority of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Situational Leadership helps to create a common language of leadership within your organisation. With an effective influence-based framework that is timeless and repeatable, Acumen has trained Participants from 17 organizations from India & Bangladesh, as well as 10 certified facilitators available across India.