• The customers are more informed than before

  • Unique features can be replicated by competitors within no time

  • The influencers for the customers have changed

The market is changing, but more than 90% of the Sellers are still approaching prospects in the same old ways!

Likeability, relationships, and industry knowledge used to be enough to do well. That’s not the case anymore. If you want to build a high-performing sales organization in an increasingly competitive market, your team has to change the way they sell.

Acumen Business Processes presents Best Sellers, a sales intervention that is a customised sales training program to create a best-selling sales team.

Each intervention is

  • planned after a detailed skill assessment

  • followed by an internal conviction profiling, and experience audits

  • to implement a break-through intervention

  • causing a paradigm shift in their thoughts and attitude in the way they work with customers

Best Sellers – The Book

After an overwhelming success of the Best Sellers training intervention and multiple requests, it has now been published as a book, Best Sellers: Because Everything Is About Selling.

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses to develop their sales teams into Best Sellers through its Training Interventions.

The Best Sellers training workshop, created for sales teams, is based on the six principles detailed in the book, and focuses on bringing a paradigm shift in the thoughts and attitudes of the sales teams, and in the way they work with their customers.

  • Brand You

  • Brand Conviction

  • Listening

  • Experience

  • Business Man

  • Serviceability

Each business and their approach to market is different and hence these interventions are customized to suit the business context and the customer dynamics of the industry. These Trainings are tied up with Post workshop implementation plans and hand-holding to help the sales team bring the principles into action under Expert Mentors.