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Businesses that recognize the criticality of the role of talent in achieving their business goals, endorse the uniqueness of each Sales person and strongly believe that one size fits all approach in nurturing Sales Talent does not yield results. They analyse the gaps in competence, the underlying beliefs and the potential to grow, to create tailor made strategy for developing their talent into Sales leaders.

This is the transformation that Acumen brings into the Sales force when it partners with its clients.

Acumen works on the time tested sales force competency framework developed by the Objective Management Group. The Objective Management Group (OMG), pioneers in the Sales Assessment Industry since 1989, have assessed

Acumen is the exclusive OMG Assessment Partner in India.

The OMG Sales Assessment Framework

At a business level, the OMG Assessment provides clarity on:

  • Pipeline Quality

  • Systems and Processes Suitability for Strategy and the Sales Force

  • Challenge Areas for the Sales Force

  • Strategy Execution Capability

  • Impact of Management Style on Sales

  • People and Role Fitment

  • People with Potential for Growth

  • Possibilities with Non-performers

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses in getting the pulse of their Sales team through OMG Assessments. We look at your people, strategies and systems and can tell you whether your people can actually execute the company’s strategies, meet your expectations and belong in the roles they are in.

What gets Measured

  • 21 Core Sales Competencies Measured

  • Across Four Competency Clusters
    The Will, DNA, Strategy, Tactical

Accuracy and Predictability

  • 92% of recommended & hired candidates reached top half of sales force in 12 months

  • 75% of not recommended but hired candidates failed within 6 months

The Results

  • What makes them successful?
    Desire | Commitment | Outlook | Responsibility

  • What pulls their Results down?
    Buy Cycle | Limited Beliefs | Need for Approval | Emotions | Talking Money

  • What category do they fit?
    Hunters | Farmers | Account Managers

  • What is their Trainability?
    Coachability | Speed Of Becoming Effective

  • Where is the Sales Managers Focus?
    Selling | Managing