The market scenario, customer mindset and other competitive factors are always dynamic and not under one’s control. On the other hand Sales Strategy, Talent and Approach to Market are internal factors which are under the organization’s control and if steered in the right direction can result in an edge over others.

Businesses usually decide on the Strategy and start pushing their teams into the market. Very few companies acknowledge the potential of their team to execute the Strategy and the align their actual execution on field to the Strategy envisaged.

While there are market forces which are not within one’s control, there are also those forces which are well within the company’s grip and have the strength to topple market forces which run against the tide.

Acumen’s Sales Diagnostics helps determine the level at which the Business uses these factors to achieve its goals. Conducting a Sales Diagnostics to review the planned vs actual execution by the team on field and accordingly providing measures to bridge the gaps.

Once the Diagnostics is completed, the Acumen team supports the organization through the following.

  • Plan of Action

    The Acumen team facilitates the Sales Management team through a Strategic Brainstorming Session to arrive at a Plan of Action for leveraging the strong areas and filling up the challenging areas that come up in the Analysis

  • Roll Out

    Rolling out interventions for getting the Plan into execution through awareness and skill building programs and process improvement initiatives wherever necessary.

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses to view their Sales through internal discussions, data scrutiny as well as on-field assessments of the following Dimensions.

  • Sales Strategy Diagnostics

    Reviewing the Vision, the Market and Goal segmentation, the Go To Market Strategy, the Channel Partner in comparison to the competition

  • Sales Process and Data Diagnostics

    Reviewing the approach to achieve the Goals through different sales processes and data collated at various intervals. Data analysis also gives a perspective on the missing blocks, the areas that see a challenge in actual execution vis-à-vis the expected pipeline for different processes.

  • Sales Team Diagnostics

    The people play the most important role in achieving any strategy. The Acumen Diagnostic Tool examines their capability, commitment and approach and also existing Positive Deviants and Outliers in the system.