A business strategy does not end at a customer. It begins with one.

Most business believe Sales to be only limited to meeting more customers and closing more deals. Such companies are constantly chasing for numbers with their teams almost on the brink of a breakdown. And then there are businesses who believe Sales to be a whole lot bigger. Their definition of Sales starts right at the conception of the product/ service with simple introspecting questions, who is this product/ service meant for? What significance does it play in their lives? Why will they not buy? How much will they value it?

All these questions are the foundation of Sales Strategy. Sales provides a window to the Customer’s world and the sales process is a way to bridge this gap.

Acumen’s Sales Consulting Practice focuses on

  • Defining the optimum Sales reach to the Market

  • Creating a Scientific mechanism to achieve Sales Success

  • Analysing and building sales competence

  • Making Customer experience an integral part of the Sales approach

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses in their Sales Area through the following Interventions:

  • Sales Diagnostics

    Sales Results are dependent on multiple factors. While there are market forces which are not within one’s control, there are also those forces which are well within the company’s grip and have the strength to topple market forces which run against the tide. Acumen’s Sales Diagnostics helps determine the level at which the Business uses these factors to achieve its goals.


    the Need | the Direction and Priorities | the Process | the Adherence | the Data | the Customer expectations

  • Sales Force Evaluation

    Acumen has partnered with Objective Management Group to bring you the world’s most trusted sales force evaluation system to India. 21 Core Competencies which are specific to Sales and not merely adapted for Sales.

    Sales Team Assessment | Sales Managers Assessment | Sales Leadership Assessment

  • Customer Experience Management

    Acumen helps businesses get insights into their customers to design a customer experience that helps the business stand apart. Once designed, we create a mechanism towards getting the team to consistently deliver the experience.

    Customer Experience Survey | Brand Promise| Experience Design | Customer Experience Training | Roll Out