Some of the most commonly asked questions that bother every organization that enters into learning engagements are
‘Will the participants implement what they learn?’
‘Will there be any measurable impact?’
‘Is there any ROI on training?’

Imparting knowledge is one thing. Making it applicable and deriving business results out of it is a different ball game all together; a game at which we excel. We have integrated Instruction Lead Trainings with Online Sustenance Models.

Acumen’s Training Interventions are designed to deliver specific measurable results. Acumen with its expertise over the years of leading change in multiple organizations has developed Result Driven Training Models which not only help in achieving distinct pre-defined goals but also achieve Sustenance of Learnings by translating them into Actions.

The versatile experience of the team with the unique blend of Consulting makes the team view every client engagement with a business-impact perspective.

These interventions also helps organization map the ROI achieved in trainings.

The Result Oriented approach is applicable for specialized interventions which revolve around Leading towards a new goal, driving Change, creating Innovation.

Whereas, the Sustenance Model is applicable for any Training program that needs to be driven to the extent of seeing the learnings translate into on-the-job implementation deriving behaviour change.

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps organizations to achieve striking results by designing and executing structured interventions in the following way

  • Gauging the Current Matrices

    The first step of any result driven intervention is to determine the current state of traits, the conduciveness of the environment in the workplace, the KPIs, the impact on the business, and the organization need.

  • Delivering the Training

    Facilitation in result oriented workshops are focused towards specific traits and situations wherein the facilitator guides the participants through intense discussions towards self-awareness, acknowledgement and steps for instilling the new behaviours.

  • Functional Training Programs

    Negotiate to Win | Train The Trainer | Presentation Skills | Execution Excellence | Problem Solving |
    Decision Making

  • Designing the Intervention

    The next step is designing the intervention with the most suited content and instructional design approaches. The content design incorporates the current organizational practices, behaviours and situations to develop the required competence in order to bring a change in actions.

  • Post Training Sustenance Engine

    The Post training hand-holding and sustenance mechanism is the key for getting results in these interventions. And they need to be planned and executed in tandem with the immediate supervisors, the HR Learning team and Acumen Mentors. Acumen creates a system for the organizations to track specific instances and behaviours and the support that is required through this stage.