At the height of the telecom boom, a telco operator found the growth unmanageable.

Each telecom circle was running its version of SOPs. No best practices sharing. No knowledge management. No companywide innovation platform.

The Head of their Centre for Business Innovation called in Acumen.

Thus began a multi-year engagement that started from process mapping & optimisation, and went on to evolving a Knowledge Management Culture and technology platform.


Over the next few months, Acumen mapped over 900 processes, both customer facing and internal. These were reviewed by stakeholders and optimized before being cascaded across the telecom circles.

Our team then went on to assist in evaluating and implementing a Knowledge Management System (KMS)

We were also instrumental in formulating the workflow which was the base for the organization’s software team to design, develop and implement an Idea Management System to tap employee creativity and innovation.

In Phase 2 of the assignment, we worked with the clients IT department to port over 600 processes into a software tool called QPR and interlink related ones. The activities in each process flow were mapped against specific roles defined in the organization hierarchy. This created a platform for process optimization and equipped the client for future growth.


The client reported greater standardization of processes across circles, improved and consistent customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

The KMS and IMS enabled knowledge and innovation capture and sharing. The platform was shared across the corporate group as an innovation best practice.