Business processes outline how work gets done in every organization, regardless of size or type. Did you know that about 72% of all organizational problems lay hidden in broken business processes?

Acumen’s Process Consulting Practice helps businesses in not only defining their Strategy, but also to get that wall art resonate across different business levers.

Organizations are traditionally managed by departments. In contrast, work flows horizontally, from department-to-department, function-to-function, and job-to-job. The gap created by these organizational silos offers a substantial untapped improvement opportunity.

Acumen’s Process Consulting Practice helps organizations, large or small, bring order to chaotic and inefficient business processes. With a no-nonsense, jargon-free approach the Acumen team makes it easy for different business teams to improve their working practices.

Acumen’s Process Consulting Practice focuses on

  • Bringing control to the business

  • Reducing costly errors and delays

  • Stopping ambiguity and finger-pointing

  • Improving teamwork and communication

The Acumen team helps businesses disentangle their business processes. The outcome is an improvement in teamwork and, of course, the bottom line.

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses in Process Improvement through the following interventions:

  • Process Documentation / Repository

    Getting the existing working approach from the workforce into a simplified Process Map, reduces ambiguities and responsibility duplication thereby increasing success and predictability of the outcome. Once documented, the Process Maps are published to a cloud-based, secure, central repository for easy access for the users.

    Immerse | Document Process Maps | Publish | Handover

  • Process Improvement

    Specific to issues/ challenge areas in the business which need to be reviewed and redefined with a completely new perspective. Acumen uses a mix of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies tailored for the complexity of the type of issue to be addresses.

    Defining the Problem| Analysing the Data | Perspective Brain Storming | Solution Case | Roll Out

  • Process Audits

    Applicable for Businesses with mapped Processes where discrepancies in execution need to be analysed to gauge the underlying root cause and the possible Solutions to fill in the operational gaps or process improvements.