Situational Leadership

What is Situational Leadership®?

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, the demand for adaptable leadership stands as a cornerstone for organisational success. Situational Leadership®, devised by Paul Hersey, offers a great opportunity to build effective leadership capabilities. At Acumen we believe in helping leaders gain the understanding of assessing team members on the basis of different stages of development. This way, we enable in them the ability to select the most fitting leadership style tailored to each unique situation. All in all, a leader learns the adaptive style to deal with individual team members by matching their behaviours with the performance requirement on a case to case basis with predictable outcomes. This approach, given its leader-follower relationship, empowers leaders to navigate complexities with precision. In other words, with the Situational Leadership® model we offer a framework to analyse each situation based on the Performance Readiness® Level.

Our team of experienced consultants at Acumen is committed to delivering results. We go beyond standard assessments by offering a tailored, personal approach to leadership development. With our support, you can create a culture of strong leadership that drives your organisation's success.

Acumen - A Global Affiliate Partner of the Centre for Leadership Studies

Acumen stands out as a leader in the field of leadership development, recognising that effective leadership extends beyond rigid standards or prescribed formulas. Our Situational Leadership®️ model, tailored for top management, provides a comprehensive journey that integrates theoretical insights, practical applications, and real-world case studies. This all-encompassing approach equips leaders to navigate the dynamic landscape of leadership, addressing both everyday challenges and unforeseen crises.

At Acumen, our commitment to excellence is evident through:
  • A longstanding collaboration with the Centre for Leadership Studies, since 2014.
  • A team of over 10 certified trainers dedicated to delivering high-quality leadership development.
  • Successfully conducting workshops with companies across diverse industries such as IT, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Pharma, and more.

We have been involved in leadership work and have had offerings in the Leadership area for over two and a half decades. We offered leadership training based on the Leadership pipeline concept and using the relevant competencies for each level, namely Lead self, Lead others, and lead Manager. Besides, we have been the first-to-offer Situational leadership®️ in India, a leading concept in the sphere of leadership and a logical fitment to our offering in India, leading to our collaboration with Centre for Leadership Studies.

The Benefits of Situational Leadership:

Unparalleled employee development in terms of quality and pace

Added dimensions of leadership-influencing factors

No longer typecasting; performance measurement with task specificity utilisation

The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater that eventually end up in the ocean.

Leaders learn effective environmental interpretion and response

Behavioural change, being well mapped, driven effectively

Explore ONE Model in THREE ways


Situational Leadership® (2-Day): Engage in a dynamic two-day classroom workshop designed to foster participant interaction and engagement. This format prioritises leveraging the versatile model by: Applying the model to real leadership challenges Reflecting on diverse Situational Leadership concepts Learning from the collective experiences of fellow participants


Situational Leadership® (1-Day): Delve deeper into the core principles of Situational Leadership® in a concise one-day classroom workshop. Benefit from precise explanations and application-based examples.


Situational Leadership Virtual Online: Experience a guided learning journey through four web-based modules spread over two half days (4 hours per day). Enjoy additional support for sustained learning.

Our post-workshop learning sustenance

Below is the structure of our training programme based on the Situational Leadership® model

Leadership is not limited to roles; it signifies a profound responsibility that devises the entire organisational roadmap. The Situational Leadership® model delves into the nuanced Situational Leadership® theory, categorising leadership into four distinctive styles: Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating. It is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges faced by senior leaders. It extends advanced strategies, frameworks, and case studies tailored especially to meet the specific requisites of senior leadership roles.
At Acumen, we are passionately committed to your leadership accomplishment and success, furthering your leadership initiatives. The Situational Leadership® model serves as the gateway to becoming an exceptional, adaptable leader capable of thriving in any scenario. Seize this moment to unlock your leadership potential—reach out to us today and embark on your transformative journey towards leadership excellence.
The Situational Leadership® makes indispensable knowledge and tools available needed to navigate through critical strategic decisions, foster an innovative organisational culture, and set exemplary standards of leadership.


    What is situational leadership and examples?

    Situational leadership is a leadership style that adapts to the needs and readiness of followers. Examples include leaders adjusting their approach based on the situation and individual team members.

    What is situational leadership training?

    Situational leadership training is a programme that teaches leaders to assess situations and adapt their leadership style to effectively guide and support their team members.

    What is the purpose of situational leadership training?

    The purpose of situational leadership training is to equip leaders with the skills to lead flexibly and effectively in various situations, maximising team performance.

    How does situational leadership motivate employees?

    Situational leadership motivates employees by ensuring that leaders provide the right level of support and direction based on individual employee needs, thus increasing engagement and productivity.

    What is the key concept of situational leadership?

    Situational leadership emphasises adapting leadership style based on the readiness and needs of individual team members or situations, ensuring the most effective approach is used.