“The CEOs surveyed in Global Leadership Forecast 2018, stated that the top challenges for their business growth were focused on their own leaders, with Developing ‘Next Gen’ leaders and failure to attract/retain top talent being rated in the top five by 64 percent and 60 percent of respondents, respectively. And these 2 topped the list out of 28 challenges like political instability, climate change, terrorism, or a global recession. This is a clear indication that top talent and effective leaders are key to address the numerous current challenges and for positioning the organization in the right way for future success.

Leaders carry the reigns of the business and have the role of steering it past the internal and external tidal waves.

Different stages of the business, call for different approaches in Leadership. Hence even the approach to develop leaders needs to be more pragmatic and close to the organization’s fabric.

Acumen’s Leadership Coaching and Development revolves around the following Philosophy:

To be successful in today’s challenging situations, the leader must have a reservoir of internal strength, skill sets to tap in to the strengths of others and the tools to channelize these energies in the right direction.

Acumen’s Leadership Engagements are tailor-made to suit the business need and deliver:

  • Tangible outcomes by bridging the gap between potential and performance levels

  • Increased engagement level and commitment towards the organization

  • A robust leadership pipeline to take up and manage new initiatives

  • A channelized momentum of change and courage to burn the bridges

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses in their Leadership Development through different interventions based on the organization requirements:

  • Transformational Leadership

    There comes a stage in the lifecycle of every business, where moving ahead requires a completely new approach is required either for survival or for creating a storm in the market. Acumen’s Transformational leadership is one such intervention which delivers a promise ‘Life will never be the same again’ and creates a turnaround in the lives of the participating Leaders aiding them with the commitment and spirit to tread on a new path successfully.

  • Leading in the VUCA world

    Leading in times of VUCA requires an approach which raises the bar on innovative thinking, taking tough decisions and being a torchbearer leading the team through the unpredictable times. Acumen’s Leading in the VUCA world helps organizations equip their leaders in handling unforeseen situations with élan.

  • Leadership Coaching

    Acumen’s Leadership Coaching is a series of self-discovery sessions to equip the protégé with the necessary tools that will enable him/her to challenge deeply entrenched traits and overcome them to achieve one’s leadership goals.

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