32% of the HR leaders say their succession-management processes don’t yield the right leaders at the right time
45% of the HR leaders say they struggle to develop effective leaders
– Source: 2019 Gartner CEO 20 Pulse on the Next-Generation Workforce

Leadership is a complex, multidimensional capability, with numerous modulations. Moreover beyond the role it also carries the weight of the business goals and the traits needed to succeed in the required environment. Even with the cognizance of these factors and the best of intentions, organizations still make mistakes while selecting people for key positions.

Most of these mistakes are made due to the myopic approach caused by looking at only past data and not the fitment into the future role and environment.

Google gives you 5,99,00,000 results when you search for ‘leadership and management diagnostic tools’. While all tools help in categorizing leadership through assessing certain traits, the validity of the tool for the required situation and role is itself at times questionable.

Organizations should move cautiously into taking these decisions as a small error in judgement can be detrimental to not only the leader, but also to the organization as a whole.

How can we help you do better

Acumen’s Leadership Assessment takes an all-encompassing approach to gauge the traits and the subtleties required in the organization’s leadership team to achieve the challenge at hand.

Acumen helps Businesses in Assessing their Leaders through the following stages:

  • Stage 1: The Right Tools

    Acumen, with its team of empanelled experts selects a set of appropriate tools that are required to make the desired assessment. The team backed with an experience and expertise of creating full scale assessment centres goes through a thorough research before finalizing the tools fit for purpose.

  • Stage 2. The Decision – Assessment Reports

    Conducting the Assessments is only part of the journey. The crucial part is in deciphering the assessments results and helping the Organization make apt decisions.

  • Stage 3: The Feedback

    Sharing the Assessments with the leadership team through one on one discussions while helping them map the assessment outcomes to their individual goals and the role they play in the organizations vision. Feedback is a important part of the Assessment and needs to be handled in a responsible way.

  • Stage 4: The Hand-holding

    Acumen supports the leadership team in the execution of their individual development plans through reviews, coaching and other supporting initiatives to help them move into their new roles with ease.