Good, bad, brilliant or vibrant, an organization’s culture is dictated by its workforce. It is the culture which defines the company’s image in the external world.

In today’s times, where ideas are valued exponentially the one element that is considered by companies while backing them, is the competence of the team that will deliver on those ideas and claims.

The intellectual capitals, used as intangible assets, are a valuable resource that play a key role in creating a competitive advantage for the organization.

Hence, managing the key resources of the firm, by keeping them engaged, motivated and developing them to take over higher goals as planned for the business, has become one of the most critical aspects for determining the success of any organization.

Acumen’s People Consulting Practice helps organizations in aligning their people to the organization’s purpose and goals.

Acumen’s People Consulting Practice focuses on-

  • Defining the optimum Structure for achieving business goals

  • Assessing and Developing people for bridging the competence gaps

  • Shaping Leadership teams for rising towards bigger challenges

What sets us apart is our experience of more than 200 man-years in working with businesses in diverse industries, an extensive network of empanelled Subject Matter Experts

The Acumen team helps organizations in putting HR systems and developing the competence of the teams for creating a culture of better performance and effective delivery.

How can we help you do better

Acumen helps Businesses in their People Area through the following interventions:

  • Leadership Assessment & Development

    It is quite clear that top talent and effective leaders are considered as necessities to address the myriad current challenges and to position their organization for future success. Acumen’s Leadership Development is a holistic approach to raise the leadership competence of the organization one notch higher and align it with the purpose/ need of the business. Acumen has partnered with The Center for Leadership Studies to bring you the Science behind developing Leaders through Situational LeadershipTM

    Leadership Assessment Tools| Situational LeadershipTM | Leadership Interventions

  • Organization Structuring

    In the haste for growth, businesses overlook the solemnness of their structures, and eventually end up being bloated with challenges of level disparity, role overlaps, unclear employ growth path and inefficient in relation to costs. Acumen’s Organization Structuring approach uses scientific tools to make Organizations Lean, Scalable and Efficient while being aligned to the business Strategy and objectives.

    Organization Structure | Roles and Responsibilities| Roadmap for Adapting the New Structure

  • Performance Management Systems

    The core principle behind Performance Management is setting a system for driving performance amongst employees for achieving business results. Acumen works with Organizations in not just setting up the Performance Management Systems but also helping them in a phase-wise roll out.

    Performance Management System Design | Goal Setting | Performance Dialogues | Performance Management Audit

  • Competency Assessment and Development

    Acumen enables organizations to unearth untapped potential and identify its ‘future stars’, and even to see ‘the blind spots in key areas’ amongst the teams. Once assessed, Acumen helps the organization in laying out a plan for developing these Individuals to reach their potential.

    Assessment/ Development Centres | Individual Development Plans | Competency Development Programs